Is it me? Or the oven?

This going to be a bit of a sad and pitiful post, because the subject of it makes me kinda sad. I have written before about my unsuccesses (totally just made up a word) with baking, as well as my search for the perfect brownie. I really like making brownies, because you practically just throw the ingredients in a bowl and mix it up with a spoon.

I got them right once. But only once (ironically, the first time). With the same damn recipe! It could be that I’m just too fussy with my brownies. I like them cripsy on the outside, but dense and chewy on the inside. And I haven’t been able to get it right since then. It really makes me sad with each unsuccessful attempt. And then I’m left with an entire container filled with brownies, and Greg and I have to find people to feed them to. Today I sent him with half the brownie tray to take to work.

I’m beginning to think it is the oven’s fault. How can a human possibly mess up mixing a set amount of ingredients in a bowl! But can it really be my oven? I mean, it cooks my food ok? But just my baking sometimes comes out a bit wonky (usually just the brownies). Every time I check them midway through baking, I go back to Greg moping that they’re “too cakey”. A friend in matric taking Consumer Studies even sent me her fail proof recipe. Oh wait – it was the same as mine!

That’s it, I’m actually going to google “oven defects”.

(and if you have any tips, advice, or a fail proof recipe – please send it over)


One comment on “Is it me? Or the oven?

  1. […] last brownie attempt really had me questioning the legitimacy of my oven. I figured it couldn’t always be me, […]

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