I just wanna DIY.

I really enjoy having our own little place. The only thing with renting a fully furnished place (and especially renting out someones holiday home – ie, they come down in December and we have to move out) is that I feel there isn’t that much we can do to make it feel like our own.

We can’t paint the walls, aren’t keen to drill nails to hang things (“if you do just make sure you don’t crack the whole way down the wall” – yeah, no pressure?), can’t buy our own furniture… so I sometimes feel I need to find DIY crafts to make which will create minimal damage.

And of course, it is no secret that I LOVE Pinterest. I feel like our walls are a bit empty in our lounge, bedroom, and corridors and really want to make something pretty to hang to make the place feel a bit more “Greg and Lee-Ann”ish. Also, I’m feeling like I need to do something creative.

After having just made an awesome cupcake stand (well, my dad did. I inspired him ie gave him the idea) I’m not to look for my next new idea. This of course, means scouring Pinterest. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do, I feel I might want to look for cheap blank canvases to start off, or at least some cheap vintage frames, there’s so much to do with different frames. But who knows.

Here are some of the latest DIYs I’ve pinned, or things I’d love to make.

Buy inexpensive frames, paint the frame, and paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

I love this to put quotes on.

Scrabble Wall Art

I feel drawn to almost every craft involving scrabble tiles. I just love the endless possibilities!

Pinned Image

So I want to make a headboard like this (except it wouldn’t say “yum”…) My dad doesn’t want to help me 😦 He doesn’t think it’s as cool as I think it is…

Chalkboard Spice Jar

This just seems like a cool way to give those Robertson spice bottle a lift.

Cloud & Drops DIY

Wouldn’t this make you happy? It’s like it’s raining smiles and happiness.

apply wooden letters on canvas and spray paint.

This seems like the easiest form of wall art. But no pressure to choose a good quote or phrase…

frame key holder

This would be soooo much prettier than the ugly bowl we currently keep our keys in.

Old book spines glued to a box. Great idea for a hidden bookshelf storage.

I’d really love to make this!


2 comments on “I just wanna DIY.

  1. Megan says:

    That scrabble wall takes the cake! I am so obsessed with it

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