The Anatomy of a Perfect Picnic

I like to think of Greg and myself as expert picnickers. We like to pack a variety of food, usually which we have lying around (ie, no extra costs) and taking them to free or low cost locations in which to devour our lunch (or sometimes, breakfast). Kirstenbosch is one of my favourite places in Cape Town to picnic; lying in those gardens all day for me, is the equivalent to most people of a full day at the beach. I’ve been waiting and praying for a sunny Sunday so we could go hang out out my favourite spot, and with a public holiday looming last week I was getting really excited!

For most people public holidays are the greatest gift to your life. Especially when you’re a student, but for different reasons: extra time to work extra hard on that looming assignment! Being married to a student, I had to stand up for my rights this public holiday! Sunday: all work. Monday: all outdoors. So at least that deal was sealed, and all we had to do was pray for good weather… especially after Sunday was so cold and rainy. But the weather worked in our favour (ie it didn’t rain, and wasn’t freezing) and off we trundled with our full picnic baskets.

We lounged around for the rest of the afternoon and had a lovely time. Now, our time would not have been so great were it not for the factors which lead to a great picnic, which I have decided to compress into this handy little picnic guide. Enjoy your next picnic 🙂

Good weather

This basically means no rain (the day before, the morning of, or on the day – this will result in wet bums!).

Good venue (with good views)

Kirstenbosch really does have some of the best!

Good food

Packed with a full picnic basket, a real cooked meal (chicken stir fry!) and plenty of snacks!

Good company

Greg is pretty decent company.

Good entertainment

This of course is optional, yet recommended if your company is a bit average… we took our favourite board game, Settlers of Catan, books, and of course – our camera (you sometimes forget how fun self timer can be!


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