This morning we finally had our photoshoot!

I was totally calm, chilled and had my outfit all planned – up until yesterday afternoon where I frantically started looking online for “how to style couples for photoshoots” and naturally, browsing pinterest for ideas. I got so stressed out about it last night, that I eventually decided to leave it til morning. I practically threw everything I could possibly wear onto the bed after trying each option (the bed is still in said mess), and then took a good stare at Greg’s cupboard choosing clothes for him while he was in the shower. Of course, I chose an entirely different ensemble to what I thought I was going to wear.

We woke up to pretty grim weather. Thankfully it wasn’t raining, but it was cloudy (with some sun attempting to peak through). We asked Günther Schubert of Vorsprung Studios to meet us on the Sea Point promenade for our shoot. While we waited for him, we played in the park and just got into the fun photo taking mood.

We were so happy when we met Günther. Never have I met someone so chilled in my life. Having our photos taken by him was the least stressful experience. It was great to have photos taken so long after our wedding, I personally found the photos at our wedding the most stressful part of our entire day! I was most looking forward to our couple photos, but we only had 1.5hrs between the ceremony and reception, and after the gatrillion family photos were taken we only had a little time left for ourselves. Thankfully, our wedding photos are totally beautiful, but it was just great to have photos taken while we were both so relaxed and under no pressure of time constraints (or 200 guests waiting for us in the hall…)

Günther was totally laid back and chilled with us. We started with some posed photos, and took it from there. He gave us some general light direction of how to pose, where to stand, which relieves us of having to think of what to do. He was also very welcoming of all our thoughts and suggestions: “can we shoot here?”, “let’s do one like this?” and was very patient when poor Greg kept having to take break in looking at the camera due to the sun shining in his eyes.

We shot at the park, on the slide, the swings, the merry-go-round, pictures on the rocks at the beach, sitting on benches, making use of rusty railings, lying down with cards scattered, playing with cards (because Greg is a super magician, of course!), walking, jumping and laughing around!

We really had so much fun, and having Günther made it so much more relaxed. It really makes such a difference to shoot with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and is feeling your vibe. Between takes and walking we chit-chatting, and the guy is really super talented! At such a young age he is already shooting for the morning show Expresso and for Top Billing! If you’re looking for a photographer for anything, I would highly recommend Vorsprung! Check them online, on facebook and on twitter!
Photos coming soon! (hopefully!)

Ps. I tried to find pictures online similar to what we did so you could get an idea, but I couldn’t find much (which I suppose makes us unique?)


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