Making mistakes.

I made a mistake at work today. It was so silly, and so stupid and I was really ashamed of myself afterwards. I was shaking from anger for having done something so stupid.

I immediatelly starting thinking all these irrational thoughts: “oh no what have I done!”, “everyone is going to lose faith in you”, “you’re so stupid/worthless/insert-appropriate-word-here”… I moped about it for a bit, wanting to just sit and cry, before realising it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

I realised that the thing with mistakes – is that everyone makes them. The thing is, you make them once – and you need to learn to never do it again. That’s the thing with mistakes. They’re not always fun things to go through, but they really can teach you something if you let them.

Thankfully, it was something I could correct. I apologised. While it may not have erased the issue, and some people were still mad, it made people know it was sincere and not intentional. I smiled the rest of the day, so that it didn’t look like I had taken my own mistake so personally and got on with the rest of my work. I think that I do a good job, and a mistake like that will only make me extra careful and more aware of what I do in the future.

If I stick to that mindset, I shouldn’t really go wrong.


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