“So all you do is sit on Facebook all day?” Umm. No.

Where does someone go when they want to comment/ask a question/or complain to their favourite brand or local shop? Usually they hop straight onto one of the brands social media platforms. They like to get quick responses, yet find it hard to believe, and forget to think about the fact that someone actually has to be manning those accounts. Usually, the company themselves don’t have the time to do this themselves and employ someone to do just that!

At the moment I manage the social media accounts of 5 different clients. Some only have Facebook, others have gone the whole hog with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest. I update each social media platform of each client daily. It gets time consuming. Especially when it comes to weekends, and I spend a good while scheduling posts for each account, for each platform for over the weekend. If you do the maths, and I’m scheduling 1 post a day, to 4 different platforms, for each client… you can see that this alone takes some time.

Social Media Icons

I don’t spend hours at a time just sourcing content to post onto the pages of clients. No, no. At about the middle of the month, we start preparing for the posts which are going to be posted the following month. On my first day of work in July, I was already preparing content calendars for August. This method works really well, instead of sourcing content for an hour every day (per client), you spend a couple of days the month before to prep the following months calendar. Often, you have to keep making changes because the client doesn’t like this, or would prefer a post like that, so you keep editing until they approve the content. These calendars in and of themselves are very time consuming, yet in retrospect save you time in the long run.

Not only do we have to post, but we also have to respond to facebook posts, comments, and inbox messaged (our 1 client is a fertility clinic, and I once had to respond to a message from a woman asking how to give birth to twin boys. For reals.) Twitter I sometimes feel is a bit chaotic. Every second people are posting tweets which I have to keep up with. I have to follow the timeline of each client and interact with media, bloggers and other people we follow.

tweet deck example

Above is what my tweetdeck looks like, its a program that allows me to manage many twitter accounts at once. These are only some of the columns, I have about 2 or 3 for each client which needs to be watched, as well as a column for scheduled tweets.

On top of all of the above I help develop strategies, come up with competitions, liaise with bloggers for forms of digital PR. We write monthly reports for the client to let them know how their pages are doing. We come up with digital PR events which need to be approved by the client and then actual implementation!

I recently experienced an interaction on twitter, that really showed me what a difference good community management can do. I have a voucher for yuppiechef which I need to spend. My eye caught these gorgeous salt & pepper shakers in the shape of paint tubes. I tweeted about how I loved them, but asked if people thought it was worth it. I wrote “yuppiechef” in the tweet, but hadn’t actually “mentioned” them with @yuppichef. They picked it up, and responded. Note their tone, and without even mentioning which product I was talking about – they knew.

and below see the interaction I had with them yesterday.

Note how they offered to extend my voucher? How can I not love yupiechef after all this with such a great and friendly interaction via twitter, which I never even initiated!

So no, I dont “just sit on Facebook all day”, I really do a whole lot more.


One comment on ““So all you do is sit on Facebook all day?” Umm. No.

  1. Nix says:

    I want your job!

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