If you were to have a photoshoot

Greg and I love taking photos (and having photos taken of us). We really wanted to have a “Day After” wedding shoot, yet never ended up doing so because of a variety of reasons, but largely because of the expense. After forking for the wedding, the last thing we could ask for was a photoshoot for an extra R2k. Luckily, came along daddy’s deals and we found a deal that for only a couple hundred rand we could have a 2hr shoot at a location of our choice, plus some money off a photobook. BINGO!

See, we’re pretty photogenic.

We never managed to use it as a day after shoot because we left it quite late, and we stumbled on a few religious complications – so we decided that later down the line (before the voucher expired) we’d just do a “happily married” photoshoot. Kind of like an engagement shoot, but we’d be married. So I suppose that makes it more of a couples shoot. either way, there will be us, and there will be photos.

So we’re currently in the process of booking. We’re just a bit stuck of some ideas of where to go in Cape Town! (this is ironic since we’re Cape Town’s biggest fans and can usually think of millions of places to go… but these are photos! And with having 2 hours (thats quite a long time, most shoots you see on offer are only 1 hour!) we really should have the flexibility of going to different places (that are near each other, with minimal, if any driving.)

We’re kinda opposed to those creepy, mushy and overly-PDA inspired photos. We like fun, laughs, action and happy vibes. Suggestions, anyone?

So where would you recommend we do our shoot?

Here are some inspiring photos off pinterest, please send some of your ideas to us in the comments below 🙂

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Seattle Engagement Photographer Seattle prewed  TheLoveAcademy RianMichaelEng04

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Pinned Image




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