When you’ve been a Mrs for 6 months.

It really is an awful cliche, but time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Its hard to believe that 6 months ago was our wedding day. I had my best friend sleep over at me the night before, we spent the morning running around getting nails and hair done, rushing to the hotel, having photos taken with all my lovely ladies, dashed over to Suikerbossie… boom. Wedding. We were married.

It was without a doubt one of the funnest days. Friends and I have often joked that it wasn’t a wedding, but rather a “massive party” where I happened to wear a white dress. Neither Greg or I cried, and spent our time under the chuppah throwing comments about our hunger and giggling to the Aramaic reading of our Ketubah. The dancefloor was electric, and the whole hall was just filled with the biggest and best vibe I’ve ever seen at a wedding (which doesn’t mean anything considering I am clearly incredibly biased.)

But the wedding was just 1 day. The whole engagement period I was ready to forgo the wedding and all the planning just to have it over and be married already. And it really has been all sorts of fun! That’s not to say there haven’t been fights, or issues that needed solving, but that’s just how life and real relationships roll.

We’ve really enjoyed the past 6 months, learning to cook together, learning to live together (my mom was right – I am as messy as she always told me.), having friends over, making our little flat “ours”, making sure we have “date nights”, slipping into a real-life/work routine, grocery shopping and learning to budget, making a cleaning schedule of the flat (we’re very proud to say we don’t have or need a domestic). I suppose none of this sounds too “fun”, and mostly just like domestic duties, but either way, its great to have your best friend doing all these mundane things at your side.

Below see a very brief history of our 3+ years together.

Years before we started dating, when Greg was in love with me.

One of our first dates

Out and about

Galavanting Cape Town

Big life events

We got engaged!

We got married!

And this is us!


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