5 Minute Arts and Crafts

Look what I made! It’s a really cool/cute/awesome stand to store hair clips on!

The other night while cleaning the flat, I got distracted (as usual) and landed up doing arts and crafts. I have so many pretty clips, and other standard clips that I use every day, that lay on my bedside table (or land on the floor) and I found this craft a while back on Pinterest that I’ve been meaning to try make for ages – just to see how it comes out.

The craft uses a photo frame, and we have so many leftover from our wedding because we used them as table numbers. It was so simple, literally  took 5 minutes, and came out great!

You will need:

  1. a photo frame
  2. ribbon
  3. scissors
  4. a stapler


  1. Take out the back of the frame and the glass, put to one side.
  2. Cut your ribbon to the size of the picture frame, and simply staple it on either end.
  3. I really liked it just like this, and would have liked to have hung it up just so, but was a bit of a mission without the utensils, and with renting not being able to really make holes anywhere you like in the wall.
  4. I put the glass and the frame stand back in place, and voila!
  5. (I actually added a piece of black card, just to cover the brown backing. Fiddle and you’ll find something you like.

And presto – a beautiful little way to store all your hair clips neatly next to your bed 🙂


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