Being a kid in the 90’s rocked.

Everybody loves a good bout of nostalgia. Some firm memories of those “days gone by” that makes your insides glow with fondness and fuzziness. I was thinking about how I don’t watch so much TV anymore (even though we don’t actually have a TV, we don’t even watch that much series anymore. Granted, that could be due to the fact that everything is on a break.), and as a kid I used to sit glued to the TV.

My brother and I loved watching TV and the cartoons that came with it, but the shows my youngest brother is watching (he’s in a completely generation to myself and my middle brother) are so different.

I actually remember when I was about 10, waking up extra early to catch the cartoons on YoTV and when we’d get to school discuss the mornings episodes 🙂 Oh to be so young and carefree.

I miss the old school shows and those memories. Poor Ryan, he’ll never know what he’s missing (well, missed.) Being a kid in the 90’s was just far too awesome.

Rupert the Bear

The Busy World of Richard Scarry

Franklin the Turtle



the jetsons

top cat

the flinstones

hong kong phooey

disneys recess

gummy bears

pepper ann


the magic school bus


mighty morphin power rangers

And how can we forget some of the classic South African TV shows from back then:

I should totally start downloading some of these shows for when I one day have kids. I’m sure some of this stuff has made its way to the internet…

Which of these hold your fondest memories? Any others which got left out?


One comment on “Being a kid in the 90’s rocked.

  1. […] all grown up (or all growed-up, if you’ll understand the Rugrats reference). Goodness growing up in the 90′s was awesome. And boy, did I love the Rugrats growing up. My childhood bestie (who is still one of […]

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