The Birthday Post.

People usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to birthdays. You either love them, and secretly (or some, not so secretly) count down the days, hours and seconds. Or you’re in the smaller camp, who prefers to let them slide by and take no notice of them.

Most people fall into the former group. Yet I was thinking, that your excitement relating to your birthday is most likely going to be directly proportional to the amount of love you get from the fabulous people in your life. I’m one of the lucky ones, who really have a lot of those special peeps.

My dearest Gregory (the husband, who’s real name is actually Greg – it’s just that on his birth certificate. Ironically Gregory is his nickname.) woke me with balloons, freshly squeezed orange juice (which seems to have become a birthday tradition between us), breakfast in bed – an omelette with toasted challah bread (that’s plaited Jew bread) and my first round of presents! If you read my blog post on Typo, you will understand how beyond ecstatic I was when I a) saw that brown typo bag, and b) opened it and inside was the disposable camera that when developed prints with lovely little borders! With a morning like that, not even the bird that shat on my windscreen while driving to work could ruin my day.



Messy Kitchen

The Kitchen Post-Breakfast


Typo disposable camera love theme

My amazing Typo disposable Camera

Typo Disposable camera back

This shows the different borders

For lunch he picked up some food from Highlands House, which was amazing and so reasonable priced for food from an old age home. He picked me up from work, took me to the Company Gardens (one of our favourite Cape Town locations) and we picnicked on fish balls, roast veg, pesto noodle salad and pita filled with cream cheese and salmon. We then walked around the gardens asking people to take photos of us (because with a disposable, you have to be at least 3ft from your subject, which doesn’t lend well to taking those outstretch-armed self portraits – and for the fact you can’t check to see if you got yourself in the frame). We’re pretty sure that most people we asked were either utterly confused as to why we have a disposable (pink) camera, or otherwise relieved that literally all they had to do was press a button as opposed to fiddling with fancy SLR settings.

picnic lunch

Picnic lunch. Note: they gave us 3 knives, 1 fork.

After work some of my very special friends who live in the area popped by with some gifts. My one friend, Aviva, who bakes the most delicious cupcakes brought me an entire tray, and instead of a card each cupcake had a little note on. Lisa bought me the most delicious cupcake from a kosher restaurant, that has more chocolate in it that anything else. She also is very talented and made me a gorgeous card to go with it. Naomi didn’t just buy me a gift bag filled with goodies, but also a balloon! A real helium balloon that is currently bouncing along our ceiling 🙂

After going out for dinner my parents and little brother came over. Now if you had read that Typo post, you would also have read about those amazing little owl earphones which I was so in love with? Lo and behold, I present you with my mother – who managed to find them and bought them for me. I am somewhat unhealthily obsessed with them. She also got me the sweetest little thing to stick in some plants (well, our herb garden in our case) – “a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.” Don’t think my dad didn’t buy me anything – the poor man graciously bought me Lady Gaga tickets a few months ago, so I’m looking forward to celebrating that in December!

Thank you to all my amazing peeps for making it such a great day. The only way it could have been any better was if a proposal was involved, and hey – we’ve done that already 🙂

yummy pink birthday cupcakes




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