The problem I have with baking.

As posted about previously, I have recently started baking. Not because I find it therapeutic, or because I enjoy making a mess of my kitchen. Firstly: I love t eat yummy things. Secondly: many of these yummy things I cannot find at kosher places in Cape Town, hence, I need to make them myself if I want to try them.

One of the things I have been dying to taste, hence needing to make it myself, was Red Velvet Cupcakes. So off I went on Sunday, eager to spend my afternoon baking while the weather was miserable, bought my ingredients, and proceeded to turn my kitchen into the usual mess induced by my constant desire to bake (read: eat future produce.)

Red Velvet cupcakes

What I did not expect, was meeting my regular downfall: icing.

I figured cream cheese icing would be a breeze. Cream cheese. Icing sugar. What could possibly be so difficult!?

What was meant to be cream cheese icing mounted beautifully on top of red cupcakes resulted in an off-white, gloopy mess. The consistency was all wrong, after already adding 500g of icing sugar (thats half a kilo of sugar on top of all the sugar already in the cupcake!?). I thought maybe I was using the wrong sugar (these American websites make it seem like there’s a million different types!), so added normal granulated sugar. Nope. Now my icing has sugary crystals and is no longer smooth and icing-ish. I was pretty bleak about this, and took it quite personally, as I went and moped in bed in a sick state for the rest of the afternoon.

After gathering some strength later in the evening, I added more icing sugar to try get the consistency right. Although it did get relatively thicker, I simply didn’t have the heart to poison myself and the future eaters of my cupcakes with icing consisting of a kilo of extra sugar. Perhaps that is the key to the perfect icing – lots of icing sugar to keep it thick! Or maybe nxt time less cream cheese. I really don’t know.

I’ve decided I should probably switch from making cupcakes to making muffins – at least they don’t have icing!

(ps. My other problem I have with baking – is that I’m totally getting fat. This 9-5 job thing isn’t leaving me much time for gym.)


One comment on “The problem I have with baking.

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