Celebrating Woman’s Day: at a Wedding.

I love weddings. There is just nothing happier than seeing the unification of a Bride and Groom. I found celebrating their union such a fun and appropriate way to spend Woman’s Day.

A lot of people get very emotional and stuff and cry and things of the sort at weddings. I’m not emotional like that, I find weddings so incredibly exciting that I can’t contain my excitement and can frequently be seen hopping on the balls of my feet or with the biggest grin on my face.Or both.

Even at my own wedding I wasn’t emotional (well, not of the crying sort). At the Bedekken (Jewish wedding post should probably follow soon), at the Chuppah – we were laughing and smiling the whole time. It was so exciting that the day had finally arrived! Being engaged was average. Planning the wedding was average. Organising finances of such astronomical figures was very much the lowest form of average. So in comparison to that, getting married was a breeze (and a flipping jol!) (…and amazing, and special, etc etc)

Now Jewish weddings are just something else. In all honesty, I haven’t been to any other kind of wedding, but I’m 90% sure that they’re one-of-a-kind. I love the ceremony and the meaning behind it all. I love referring to the Bride and Groom as Chatan and Kallah, it just makes everything seem like it’s on such a higher level. We actually bumped into the bride that morning, she was staying at a friend in our building. And it really just felt like such an honour to help the bride in any small way on her special day.

Jewish Dancing at a Wedding

Dancing on the men’s side. Note: Groom (ie my Greg) is not dancing, but being thrown up and down on a sheet.

More Jewish Dancing at a Wedding

Some more “dancing”

Everyone is just excited at a Jewish Wedding. The experience is really something else. Especially the religious ones with separate dancing. And Hebrew music the whole night. I know that sounds crazy – men and women dancing separately? No latest pop singles? Lame! NO! It’s THE  best fun! What a more appropriate way to celebrate the Bride and Groom than spending the night dancing with them, as opposed to each couple dancing in their own little bubble. Now the dancing, well, sometimes I’m not even sure it can be called what people traditionally considered “dancing”. It’s the biggest freaking party. The music is fast, and vibing, and everyone is just jumping around together.

We also bring stuff along, lovingly referred to as “shtick” (it’s kind of like saying “stick” but with a bit of a splutter), which makes the night a whole lot more fun. Funny hats, masks, gypsy skirt-belt things with jingly bits, may-pole, balloons filled with glitter to pop, glow sticks, feather boas… Just describing it makes it seem like a carnival!

Jewish Dancing at a Wedding

An example of “shtick” from my own wedding. I do not remember wearing that wig or wear it came from.

Even just thinking about last night all I can think of is: “I LOVE weddings!”. We’re also really lucky to have so many more coming up this year. One later this month and about 3 around December time. Yep, us Jews like to get married. In Cape Town, with the scarcity of potential mates, it is usually less frequent than in Jewish hubbs like Johannesburg. Yet as a friend and I discussed last night, in Cape Town with wedding season – when it rains, it pours!

If you haven’t been to a religious Jewish wedding in your life, I seriously suggest that you do, or crash one at the very least. You’ll want to keep dancing every night for the rest of your life.


3 comments on “Celebrating Woman’s Day: at a Wedding.

  1. liat says:

    “Yep, us Jews like to get married.” – hahahah!!! LOVED THIS!! 😀

  2. tyrone Lipman says:

    Great simcha!

  3. […] you’d read my previous post on the nature of Jewish weddings and the raucous that ensues, you would understand why.  My […]

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