Happy (kind of) birthday to us all at ROI #ROIrevamp

So I work at a lovely little company called R.O.I media.

R.O.I. Media

And we have just rebranded the whole company.

And we have just gone LIVE with new site, logo, branding etc!

And it’s just super exciting.

The company is now a full digital agency. Yay for us all! It feels like a birthday party, with 40 people sharing the same special day.

When fiddling among all the links, be sure to have a look at the “meet the team” page and read my bio. The content team did a good job at re-wording what I gave them in point form.

But for your own pleasure, here is an excerpt:

Lee-Ann Lipman“Besides working for R.O.I. Media, Lee likes to bake. Though she has only recently started making attempts at this art, there is a rumour that she is planning to put up ‘Wanted: Prefect Brownie Recipe’ posters all over our office, which we’re alright with because she promises to share the product of her hunt with the rest of us.”

ps. this is what we used to look like (and by used to, I mean an hour ago)


ROI media logo



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