Where this blog started, and where on earth it is going.

This blog has moved in varying phases over the couple of years that I’ve had it. Let’s map out it’s past for you:

1. FAM-something-or-other. Digital Media Seminar.

  • It started out as a project for a seminar. We had to blog at least once a week or so on a topic of our choice.
  • I didn’t really have a topic. I usually posted about cool things I found online, usually art or design related.
  • It’s funny because our seminar leader, Nicci, wanted to talk about twitter, but back then (2010) twitter was “lame”. It’s funny how much I love it now.
  • My one favourite post a series of photographs of Disney princess who didn’t get their typical “Disney” happy ending.
  • I’m so glad I did this seminar, because it sparked my love for digital media, and took me off the film part of my degree and led me to my specialised course in Interactive Media.

2. My Production Coursework.

  • “Production” was my specialised interactive media course (and became the absolute bane of my existance).
  • We needed to post updates of our work, how far we were, any troubles we experiences etc.
  • Our lecturer followed our blogs and we got comments on it.

3. Stagnant.

Which is pretty much where it is now.

But I’ve been somewhat inspired by my new job, and my boss, to start blogging again. My boss, Natasha, started blogging just about her life. Stuff. Her adorable boys. Motherhood. And things she liked. She didn’t  aim to be a top blogger, but it’s pretty chilled being #2 in a 2012 Parenting blogger award.

Since starting work I’ve come across and had to read and keep up to date with countless blogs and bloggers, and it shows me how much fun it can be when you keep it up. It’s also got a lot to do with creating connections with bloggers, commenting on their posts, tweeting them etc. I always wondered how it seems that every.single.blogger.seems.to.know.each.other. And this is how (oh, and media events hosted for bloggers).

So if I want to keep this up, I think I’d have a bit of admin to do. Cleaning up tags and categories so things aren’t all university related, just to make things easier to find and read. Oh, and of course, keep doing this writing thing regularly.

Where is this blog going though you may ask?

I’m really not sure.

But I’d like to try see. 🙂


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