I have a day job, and if that’s not adult, I don’t know what is!

I have officially been a working girl for the last month. And its been really exciting! I’ve even gotten my first paycheck! (which is sitting on my desk at work, stained with soy sauce from a sushi lunch…)

It’s a really great little Online Marketing company in town, there’s about 40 people in total. (The company is launching their new branding tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!) In the Social Media department we’re the sweetest little team of 4. We work really well together, we’re all super chilled, and it really just makes your day a lot better having good people to work with. Thankfully every day I’ve gone to work happy – even Mondays!

Working in Sociasl Media you might assume I sit on Facebook all day. But I don’t really. I do manage the pages of a couple of our clients – this is community management. It’s kind of like a huge ego boost – waiting to see how many likes/comments/shares a post gets. Today, a simple post got 78 comments!

Facebook Post 78 comments

We have also had to do content calendars. Did you know that people actually plan their facebook/twitter posts for the upcoming months? Well I didn’t! And I’ve been doing plenty of that, scowering the internet for content relevant to our clients. It’s best when it involves using Pinterest for inspiration 🙂

We also of course develop Social Media strategies for clients. This is new to me considering I have no marketing background. Despite this, and the learning curve it brings, I’m really enjoying it. Strategy makes you think. Think, think, think.

My Department head sees me being a media liason on top of all this. I means that I’ll be organising giveaways, events, liasing with bloggers, doing mdia drops etc. It all sounds pretty exciting! Our first client proposal has just been signed off, so I should be starting with all that pretty soon!

I love my job, I love my team, I love what I’m doing.
And it’s nice to not dread getting up in the morning (aside for the physically getting up part.)


2 comments on “I have a day job, and if that’s not adult, I don’t know what is!

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