Explore Your Options: UCT Humanities

UCT Humanities: Explore Your OptionsApplying to University always seems like such a daunting task for High Schoolers. Those tables to calculate your points are troublesome, and further tables telling you for which courses your admission is probable or possible is even more confusing! So, we tried to make it easier.

For my Senior Research Project (SRP), marking the end of my time in UCTs Interactive Media Production Stream, my partner and I designed a(n unofficial) website and accompanying mobisite for the Humanities Faculty of UCT. The website aims to make the admission process simpler for prospective students, providing the basic information on how to apply.

As well as basic information there is a calculator feature, which prompts the user to input their matric results based on the table below with the current point system, and the calculator not only works out their point score but also tells them which courses they are elligible to study.

For now it is only a University project of two bright girls, but who knows, it seems like something any University could use, and would sure make the lives of potential students a lot easier!

*please note: The website & mobisite are only a project. Niether are endorsed by the University. Supervised by Marion Walton.*

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