A Proposal of Epic Proportions

Engagement Ring & Rose

The Pretty Ring

So the other week, I had the best day of my life (so far!) when Greg (finally) proposed! Heres the story of how it happened, written by the man himself:

So now everyone wants to know how, how did I pop the question? Well fans, it was really easy. Here is a secret to success in proposing: Say what you mean, mean what you say and the rest (i.e. the aftermath of excitement) is the reward (until a few months later then the real reward comes).

The Background

It started a few months ago walking in Canal Walk when Lee-Ann decided we need to take a slow walk past jewellery stores. The concept of marriage was brought up at least 2 months after we started going out, but nothing was pursued because 2 months is just too early! Anyways I digress. So we in Canal Walk walking past a jewellery store and Lee-Ann kindly starts showing me which rings she likes and pointing out how affordable her taste is. That’s when we actually started thinking when would be a good time to propose (yes we discussed a time – it was going to be in the 3 weeks of school holidays (June – July) ). So I needed a ring and happened to show my granny a ring that had a 75% discount. She said it was very nice but I mustn’t do anything because she had a diamond from her late mother for me, which was sitting safely in JHB. I was very excited because heirlooms are so important and have so much sentimental value that I decided to keep Lee-Ann in the dark about everything and just tell her that I was having a ring made and it was taking longer than expected. As you can imagine June July came and went and no questions were being asked and Lee-Ann was getting a little or a lot frustrated with everything. I had to take it because I couldn’t tell her what was really happening. Sure I can understand the frustration but it was going to be worth it.


Anyways… Lee-Ann’s birthday is on the 13 August and this year it fell on shabbos. Not the most exciting because you can’t do anything but being the type of person I am decided I was going to make it the best birthday she will ever have. I organised for some of her varsity friends to meet us at her house for lunch as well as get 2 of her close friends from Shul to meet us there. The situation was set up: We would go to Shul as per usual on Saturday morning (her actual birthday), leave to go to her house for lunch where she will be surprised by her varsity friends and then a few minutes later her Shul friends will arrive. I bought princess party decor (banner, plates, serviettes, straws with umbrellas and confetti).

I had planned with her to free her schedule up on Sunday because we were going to celebrate her birthday together. I was going to surprise her by taking her to one of our favourite spots for breakfast: Kirstenbosch. We would pack a picnic breakfast and chill in the sun together. Little did she know I had planned for some of her close friends to meet us at 12:30 at Kirstenbosch for a surprise birthday party (mainly those friends that couldn’t be with her on her actual birthday).

What no one knew was that in fact it was all a ruse and there was no birthday party. I was going to propose to Lee-Ann at Kirstenbosch and then we would surprise the friends with the news.


I picked Lee-Ann up for gym (which we usually do on a Sunday) at 07:15 (we usually gym around 09:30 lol) and during the gym session she is asking all about where we are going and says will only where an eye mask if it wasn’t going to be for something (alluding to a proposal). So I blatantly lie and tell her she is being silly the ring is still in JHB. Phew saved that little situation right there.

Anyway we make it to Kirstenbosch and the weather Baruch HaShem turned out exquisite after a shabbos of pure rain. Now I had to propose before 12:30 because that’s when the friends were expecting us for the surprise birthday party but I knew that we would want pictures and phone everyone after I proposed (assuming big time she would say yes 😛 ). So the time marches on and it hits 11:20 and I start hinting we need to move: “Lee-Ann lets go find the Proteas” “Lee-Ann let’s go take pictures” and her responses were: “Greg the Proteas are only out in Spring” “another 15 maybe 20 minutes then we can go.” Now those were not answers I was wanting to hear because I couldn’t rush the phone calls to our family or rush the proposal and I couldn’t be late for the party either otherwise risking numerous phone calls which I would have to answer and try explain to Lee-Ann why I am getting so many phone calls (which I don’t normally do). Anyways after much persuasion I get her up and we start walking towards the Proteas. Just to say that the party was down at the bottom of KB by the Ampitheatre and we usually sit far up but I wanted us to be further and the Proteas were very much far from the party area.

So we are walking and I had a spot in mind to propose that overlooked KB but I heard a waterfall and decided that’s the best spot. The actual area was a bit dark and muddy but the sound of the water hitting the pond was very romantic. I never actually knew what I was going to say so I just started asking her what she thought of this place, if it was pretty, if it was fun. I had unzipped my pocket to whip out the ring when she said it was nice but had to leave it in my pocket when she said it wasn’t that pretty. So close and yet so far.

Straight after the proposal - all smiles

All smiles 🙂

We continue walking and I was happy when she wanted to shlep further up the hill. We find a spot on the bench and we were always talking about getting married at Kirstebosch but it’s rather expensive. So I asked her IF we had the wedding in this area where would we have the chuppah, where would the guests sit, the yichud room etc etc and then I said to her: “Well we might not be able to have the wedding here but maybe we can have something else” and I hopped off the bench, hand flew into my pocket, whipped on this box, got on one knee and asked my best friend to marry me. Lee-Ann was shocked. She expected it would come eventually but not now. Her immediate reaction was *Hand to mouth* “no no, no no you serious? Serious? Oh my word” Ring on finger (a bit of a tight fit but it fit) and smiles all around.

Now I needed to make sure that whoever she called wouldn’t put it on facebook because then the people down by the amphitheatre would know it wasn’t a birthday party. So I tried persuading her to not call her brother in Israel for an hour. Obviously that never worked so I smsed him ASAP and told him to hold off telling anyone for an hour. He smsed saying “cool no problem” and part 2 of my plan was still in effect.

So I had to convince Lee-Ann to not tell any of her friends for at least 20 mins (which was hard but she took to the idea that we need to digest first what just happened) and we start walking to the party area. Ok so I thought the amphitheatre was further than it actually was but I heard people chilling and laughing and turned to Lee-Ann and said to her: “Ok around the corner are your friends. They think they are here for a surprise birthday party for you and they do not know we got engaged. Do you want to tell them or see how long it takes them to figure it out…” “let’s wait.”

So we walk and the Happy Birthday music goes off with everyone singing and I am smiling from cheek to cheek because they have no idea what has hit them! Everyone is giving Lee-Ann gifts and as we sit down she gets told to start opening a gift. All of a sudden one of the guests goes inquisitively” “What? Huh?” then a few more people get confused. I am smiling away as the penny drops. All of a sudden it was like a volcano has erupted. Girls were dancing around Lee-Ann and I was being hugged and kissed by the guys. 5 minutes afterwards it was on BBM, twitter, and Facebook and boy did the phone calls start coming in! Wow it was insane!

So there you have it. It was an event we will never forget and on behalf of my beautiful fiancée thank you so much for all the phone calls, BBMs, Facebook messages, SMS’s and letters that we have received. We are still so overwhelmed by the wonderful friends and family that we have and the love shown to us.