Progress with Production.

The last couple of weeks we have been working on a flash banner/adwords campaign for a product/service of our choice. I struggled a bit at first and then came up with making mine for the new South African airline Velvet Sky.

Its always difficult learning to use a brand new program, especially an Adobe one! So this was no easy path. Yes when you put in the hours, you kind of succeed (:

My banner is very simple and features an aeroplane flying across a blue sky with some (if I may say so myself,) cute little clouds. Then then text comes up with the details and the site address. It is meant to link to the website, and it worked on campus but I’m having some problems at home – so I’m not entirely sure if it links at all. Cant work out how to embed it to here, so you all miht have to be waiting until then… but keep your eyes peeled!

In other news: my website is coming along really nicely. After the hard work of the initial layout the next thing was just the portfolio page as in what to actually include. I’ve basically finished that page so now is all the easy stuff left like a contact and about me page. So from here on out, its just smooth sailing 🙂 Cant wait to share the full website link with you all next week 😀


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