News Consumption In A Digital Age

For the past week the media and internet has been ablaze with the death of Osama Bin Laden. How did you find out about this?

Daily NewsWhen I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is reach over for my phone and check facebook. Next comes twitter, and then BBM. Lets consider this my “morning routine”. Naturally, the first thing I saw all over facebook that Sunday morning was statuses about Bin Laden with links to news articles and the same thing all over twitter.

My parents were away that weekend and I was wondering whether I should tell them or if they would undoubtedly find out via some other media form.

At around lunchtime, my mom messaged me to ask if I’d heard the news.

coffe with your newspaperThis got me thinking about some of the ways we consume news these days. I wondered how my parents had heard; if they’d read the newspaper or seen it online like I have. Turns out they heard on the radio. My initial instinct was that they had read in the newspaper, and then I felt a bit ashamed that as a media student I do not remember when I last even looked at or considered reading the newspaper. In class we have spoken about how news consumption has changed and how people are increasingly getting their information off facebook (as opposed to news sites) and its something I just found particularly interesting when it finally happened to me on a grand scale.

How many of you still rely on reading the newspaper to gather information? Or do you wait for it to magically appear on your facebook or twitter feeds? What do you think about the future of print media?

digital news consumption


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