I <3 mobisites.

This might be a strange statement to make for the world to see, but it is just something I have recently realised: how amazing mobisites are. For those who do not know what a mobisite is, it is a website which has been especially optimised to be viewed on a cellphone.

In this day and age (especially in South Africa), people are spending more time surfing the internet on their phones. In my personal case, my blackberry. There have been only too many occasions when I have clicked on a link to a seemingly interesting article someone has shared on facebook or twitter, and I sit and wait…and wait… and wait and wait and wait for the entire page to load on my little screen…until I eventually give up and return to the evils of social networking.

I had kind of gotten used to this, clicking on a shared link was a gamble as it might load and I will read it, but it was just as likely that it wouldnt and I’d give up. Until more recently more and more (news sites particularly) loaded mobisites.

The page loads quickly. The text fits the size of my screen so I don’t have to scroll all the way across, and all the way back again. I had learned in class of the benefits of these sites, but now I have finally grown an appreciation for them.

If only more websites adapted their sites for this ever growing internet-accessing-medium.

(I am proud to add that WordPress is one such site, and my blog and its posts are mobile-friendly for you to read at your leisure and on the go :))


2 comments on “I <3 mobisites.

  1. Afsana says:

    WordPress for mobile is too good.

    • Lee Lipman says:

      WordPress for Blackberry… My new favourite app! Possibly easier to use than the dashboard itself!

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