Its the little things that count

In the time between the days of Passover/Pesach, I have been fiddling on my website. I have been adding on some little things which have me very excited.Fistly, I am the most proud that by chance I found out how to put in a favicon (the little image for your site in the address bar). Its just like linking to an enternal style sheet, except instead you’re linking to an icon. Its funny how sometimes the smallest discoveries feel like huge achievements.

Another thing I added were social media icons. I have always loved looking at the cool different kinds you can find all over the internet. Its very easy to just search on sites like Smashing Magazine or Noupe Design Blog (two of my current favourite design resouce sites) for social media icons. And the vast variety is too exciting! You can find ones for any type of website style – sketchy illustrated ones, grunge, clean, quirky, wooden ones, stickers… Everyone knows the importance of linking yourself to all of your social media platforms (twitter, facebook and even LinkedIn) so why not do it in a fun way or in a way that fits in with your website? Personally I stuck with clean looking ones considering the clean layout of my site – but there is nothing stopping you from finding exactly what you need for yourself! Check out one such page which has a great variety šŸ™‚

Now I’m busy working on the actual portfolio page of my portfolio site, and actually displaying work of my own as opposed to just the stuff we have done in class. I didnt feel there was enough from class, so stay tuned šŸ™‚


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