A New Semester, A New Website.

You all saw first attempt at a website last year, when I posted a link to last semesters Web Design Project (link could be down. Thank you Mendi server), where I did it on UCT. We’re not quite starting from scratch this time, rather we are building on what we have already learned and doing our own portfolio page properly to showcase all our wonderful work.

This week I had to design a basic layout, which is here:

Proposed layout for my new portfolio websiteThis is more or less what I am going for. The design is very simple and minimalistic, which I’ve brightened up with happy colours. I’m quite happy with the colour choices; I’m kind of basing it off the sky and hence the blue, white and rainbow swirls at the bottom for some added colour and to break the stiffness.

There are some things which I am still considering:

Positioning: what to position absolutely, relatively etc? what do I want to remain when the page scrolls?

Fonts: I acknowledge that the fonts showcased here are boring (Hi Arial), I just havent been able to find one for the header (i.e my name) that gives off the style I want. I’m looking for a thicker sans-serif font, with a fun edge so thats a start knowing sort of where I’m going.

Nav(igation)bar: I could only think of 5 things to put on my navbar (home, about m, portoflio, blog, contact), but having my name in the center split the 5 into 3 and 2, and it didnt look right not being balanced. So I took out “home” intending on making my name a link to the initial home page. Another option to put up was “services” where one would get a list of the services I offer, but I wasnt sure of where to place them.

Columns: We’ve been encouraged to do a design using columns, to up our level of difficulty but I’m kind of struggling with what to put in a second column. Possibly a twitter feed or a feed to this blog but I’m not sure. Also I know I want to list the services I offer and am not sure if I should list them in a side-bar or in the footer.

I still have a couple days before I start coding, so I still have some time to make these decisions. What do you guys think? As people who surf the wed daily, does anyone have any comments/suggestions?


2 comments on “A New Semester, A New Website.

  1. Afsana says:

    Hi Lee

    I absolutely love the fun element in your website. The colours work really well to convey this in relation to the graphic elements. The pink on the top however does not pull the site together, vertically. Consider changing it to a colour from the bottom or vice versa.

    Also like the boldness of the website as a whole.

    Looking forward to it in action.

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