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So yet again I have had to begin blogging for class. This time it is for my Interactive Media Production class, & instead of starting a new blog I figured I’ll just continue with what I have: “why fix what isnt broken”. It’s also fitting considering what I originally was blogging about was things design oriented, so here I go again. (Bare with me, as these are for marks and hence need to be done)

A person comes into contact with so many websites a day (maybe not so much the average person, who’s most commonly visited site is facebook.com), so if you’re trying to sell yourself, you need to stand out. Here is a rather “alternative” (in concept) portfolio page I’d like to share and explain the reasons why I like it.

The Great Bearded Reef:

The Great Bearded Reef

Yes, it is rather odd to a) have a website to gather votes in order to become caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef, and b) offering the job of Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef in the first place!

Layout: I’m particularly fond of portfolio pages which in essence are actually just one page, and with the different information being set at intervals all the way down. In this one, we are made to feel like we are going deeper as we scroll aided by the colour of the sea as a background. I also like how because it is just one page you are scrolling down, the navigation is fixed so you can click and jump between places.

Humour: The concept of this site is funny, and it carries itself out throughout the page. I just love the cartoon version of Josh Willis which we see all the way down the page in different situations (like riding a sea horse or finding hidden treasure). Read his reasons for why he wants the job, you cannot help but crack a smile.

Feel: By “feel”, I mean I love the “look & feel” of this. I love cute pictures. I love the nautical/ocean-ness spreading through the layout, typography and illustration making it cohesive.

Have you come across any website whose layout you’ve really liked? Check out Vanity Claire‘s page which I also love! (pretty shapes, designs, and colours – she clearly doesnt lie when she says she makes pretty things for a living!)


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