A Little Gesture

The road can be a very scary place, especially for a young female in a little Toyota Tazz when there are taxis, buses and Mercedes Benzes to compete with. I have experienced only too many horrible mornings of driving: taxis cutting in front of you suddenly without indicating, buses thinking they are so big they can just squish you while they overtake you and in general rude, impatient drivers.

I spend about an hour on the roads on an average day (sometimes a little more if the traffic is particularly bad), not a lot in all honesty, but that first and last trip of your day can usually effect the rest of your day or evening.

Sometimes there are those little rays of shining hope and happiness after an already bad experience or two on the road. These shining stars of people can be placed in 2 categories: Those who show appreciation, and those who in turn fill you with gratitude. Group 1: These are those wonderful people who when you’re sitting in traffic, and grumpily let them in because you know you have to, or even when you’re not even noticing and just let them in our of habit – it’s those people that say thank you that make all the difference. You might only hold your hand up to the mirror so that I can see your thanks, or flicker your hazards for a moment, but your appreciation makes that minute of my day a little happier.

Group 2: Every day on my way I need to cut through the traffic down a little side alley, and often I spend a minute or so waiting for the flow of cars to subside. There is nothing nicer than after waiting, and waiting, and bus, after bus, after taxi passing you by, when some nice guy will stop and flicker his lights to let you go. Thaaaaank yooooou!!!! I cant help but think as I quickly raise my hand in thanks with a smile on my face (which they may or may not see).

It is these two groups of people who make our day a better one. Whether you simply raise your hand or flicker a light or two, its pretty easy to make someone feel good on the road without even noticing. Try spread the love 🙂

[Have you experienced any other nice-ness on the roads, or care to expand/add to these 2 groups of people?]