Feel It… Wait – Where’d It Go?

Clad in every item of green and yellow they could find and wrapped in flags, South African’s gathered to support Bafana in the match that could get them through to the next round of the World Cup 2010. Thats a big thing! All over my facebook homepage throughout the day people were cheering on Bafana, in the hope of them winning tonights match against Uruguay. The thing is, did we really expect them to win? Or were we merely hopeful? I’d say we were filled with masses and masses of hope, rightfully so. Bafana had been doing so well and winning matches prior the start of the World Cup but as I sat with hundreds of people cheering on Bafana, oohing, aahing, whincing, and shouting in all the right moments, what I saw tonight on that monsterous screen was one big disappointment.

Now I will start and be honest by saying that I am no soccer fan. I have minimal knowledge about the rules or skilled required for the sport, so much of what I say is open to criticism and correction of facts. But I did watch the game, and do have some thoughts – be them valid or not.

I cheered on Bafana throughout the match. It was upsetting when Uruguay scored that first goal, but it was only 30 minutes in leaving us with a whole hour to come back in. I thought that was pretty do-able, with my optimistic attitude towards the nights game. At a point, I realised I was quite impressed with Bafana, now I dont know soccer or tactics but I found it quite impressive how they would pass to each other much of the time as opposed to carelessly kicking the ball across the field. This way they at least kept posession of the ball. Though it got to a point where it became ridiculous. Yes, they were in possession of the ball but they just weren’t moving it beyond their half and into the next, in attempt of scoring. Instead they passed it backwards, which as the game progressed and Uruguay kept outdoing them, became a bit frustrating as all you wanted was for the ball to reach the goal posts. And if not the goals, at least the halfway mark of the field!

Uruguay played well for the most. Well, clearly if they beat Bafana (OK, kind of). But I just have to vent about Diego Farlan. Oh my word did he irritate me the entire match. He may have been cute, but seriously from early on he just struck me as a one-man-show and a show off. And that other guy who kept on getting injured… wow, seriously, I’ve heard people chirping soccer players recently for having great acting skills but wow. Seriously?

Everyone is furious, and wants to hunt down, burn at the stake and subsequently castrate the ref for giving the goalie, Khune, a red card. I was just as angry, the thing is I’m not sure why he was given the red card or what he had done wrong? This is in pure ignorance of the rules of the game, and not in disagreement with the ref’s decision. I’d actually appreciate it if someone could explain to me. To me, it didnt look like he had been any more violent than any of the players.

Though that is another complain I have about Bafana. Perhaps it is because I don’t watch soccer, or sport in general, but Bafana tonight (in comparison to the other matches I’ve been watching since the World Cup started last week) just seemed particularly violent. Watching them throw down players etc. Yes, I was rooting for them, but I didn’t see the reason for their barbaricness. For the love of the game? Maybe sport just isn’t meant to be my thing.

And yes, Uruguay scoring that 3rd goal in the last few seconds of extra time was terrible. It tore away our last scraps of hopes, stomped on them, and used it to wipe our tears. It burned. But it was embarrassing. In my opinion, Bafana did not play on top form tonight. I have heard chirps from people overseas saying how we’re only in the games because we’re the host country, and tonight proved why we’re just the default. In all fairness, of all the people who were so hard core Bafana fans tonight, how many of them believed we even stood a chance when 2009 rolled into the ever-waited 2010? I’m not so sure.

Tonight hurt us. It could be seen as soon as Uruguay scored that goal, and even on screen you could see spectators leaving. The camera panned across empty seats of which minutes before were filled with hopefuly supporters. Even the venue where I was, seating a good couple hundred people, saw people slowly moving out, not wanting to bare witness to the final score. The thing is, this doesn’t stop our pride at being South African. So we lost a soccer match, we’re not gonna win the world cup. 31 other countries experience it every 4 years. The fact of the matter is the when push came to shove, South Africa as a host country pulled through and showed the world what they were capable of. Bafana were squashed by Uruguay. The ref was an idiot (or so I am reading on facebook). But its over. Well done Bafana, your country supported you – worse could have happened. At the end of the day, its only soccer. Better luck next time.

2 comments on “Feel It… Wait – Where’d It Go?

  1. Mike J says:

    I think that Khune was red carded because, by missing the ball, and clipping (if he did anyway, i’d have to watch the replay again) the Uruguayan player he stopped a clear goal scoring opportunity. As in if the player wasn’t tripped then he would have been able to score… Pretty sure thats it

  2. Greg says:

    i heard on 567 after dropping you guys off, a caller said that the World Cup isnt the success or failure of Bafana Bafana. the World Cup doesnt centre around BB. But if we look at what the world cup has achieved so far, we can be proud. It has united a once and to the most case, still divided nation.

    Those “fans” that left before the end of the game are cowards. You don’t support a team only when they’re winning. That’s what the British do. When their team disappoints, they leave during the game. Those “fans” dont deserve their memorabilia (paraphernalia as you call it :P) and their tickets. They aren’t true fans.

    We stayed 🙂 we’re true fans (even if we know jack about off-side and the like)

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