The Last Song

This was meant to be the movie that Miley Cyrus proved she could act the part in a real movie outside the role of Hannah Montanna and the realms of Disney. Personally, I didnt even know she was in the movie until about yesterday and I’d seen the poster around for a while. I’d expected a “The Notebook” type of movie (I later found out this was written by the same guy) and I must be honest it wasn’t a complete let down. That doesnt mean that Miley was fantastic.

Sometimes (well, often) when a child actor comes out and plays in a series on TV or the big screen, more often than not they’re going to be typecast in that role forever. Macaulay Culkin will always be thought of that kid from Home Alone. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter. And Miley Cyrus is still Hannah Montanna. Not even that, as a singer, she is still Miley Cyrus, so its kind of difficult to take on another role. It was difficult in scenes to even take her seriously, or to feel that you’re watching a movie thats not Disney or Hannah Montanna related. In the odd scene when the boyfriend would run after her, I expected him to call out “Miley!” as opposed to Ronnie. movieBut thats not her fault, she’s just been type-cast and I suppose it sucks to be her then. In all honesty, best performance was by far the little boy playing her brother. What a sweetheart. He really portrayed love on the screen.

As I said I expected a bit of “The Notebook” yet even though there was some romance (and the guy is her actual boyfriend in real life. you can see he’s cute in the movie in the scenes when he’s clean) the story is more about the developping relationshing between Ronnie [Veronica] and her father. It was a really nice movie though. A lot of emotion in there, which as a person who doesn’t cry in movies, I didnt release. But my friend next to me cried enough into her scarf to make up for our party of 5. I wouldn’t call it a must see, but you wouldn’t lose anything if you saw it. Actually, its a rather pleasant movie to sit through.

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