ABC of Awesomeness

I dont even remember a time when I had to learn the ABC. Sure, I remember reciting it, but I can’t remember sitting in nursery school with a teacher teaching it to me. It’s one of those things that seem have always been a part of your life. Now, as I peruse the internet pretty often (thanks to unlimited cap) I come across pretty cool and random things which I like to share with the general public i.e you.

So here are some awesome artworks based on the letters of the alphabet by Neill Cameron.  I went through them all just now and theyre really worth a laugh, check out a couple here, or check them all out where I first found them 🙂 I’m only posting 2, so you MUST go check out the rest – such a laugh!

4 comments on “ABC of Awesomeness

  1. oh that is totally epic! especially optimus prime killing the oompa loompas BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
    i have vague memories of learning my alphabet, because a repeated sub A. hmmmm maybe i dont. i remeber having to make strings of sentences with these little cut out words we had to keep in little tin boxes we decorated. mine has a hedgehog glued on the front. yes i kept it, i houses one of my other precious childhood memories. i actually struggeld to read, so i had these terrible how to read books that were so bloody boring. my mom and i would sit together and we would sound out each letter and word together. it was called paired reading, i tell you it only workes when you actually have interesting things to read about, i mean seriously when your 6 do you really want to read about a bloody pigeon?!?!?

    • Lee Lipman says:

      The only thing I remember is asking my parents (while we still lived in Israel) if English has vowels under the letters like they do in Hebrew. They didnt. I just remember learning to read very fast because I moved back here towards the end of grade 1. I think I turned out ok. Lol.

  2. The Ancient Buddha Most Pious and Honorable says:

    cool that you found this. i acually love Neill Camerons blog and found these a while ago.
    the are available as posters BTW…

    • Lee Lipman says:

      Sam, I love how you seem to be in the know about everything! Espec cool things. Whats the link to his blog?
      ps. hi!

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