Please don’t stop the music.

We all love our iPods. What would we do without them? Remember back in or the day (6 0r 7 + years ago), back then we had CD players, and bought/burnt CDs to play. What about the disk man? Those were so convenient, and super awesome when they came out reading data CDs filled with hundreds of mp3s. But what about before then? Who of us actually remember the day of the cassette tape? When I found the article to come, I had to literally think back a moment to a time when we didn’t have iPods and when these little rectangular contraption were the norm.

So in our eco friendly day and age, what does one do with things they do not need anymore? Recycle! I came across this art work made out of cassette tapes, or more so the reel of actual tape! Remember back when those would get tangled and then bye-bye to your favourite kiddies cassette 😦 aww. tragic. But seriously the things that creative people can come up with, just taking the junk from around their house is simply astounding! If only we were all blessed with such skill, passion and of course creativity. The artists responsible for this awesomeness is Erika Simmons who works with non traditional media to create her works – well, clearly. What an awesome medium to work with, must be super difficult!

Source: The Design Inspiration – check out the rest!

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I just found one of the creepiest adverts and simply had to share! I think I may have developed a fear of clowns. And McDonalds.

3 comments on “Please don’t stop the music.

  1. The Ancient Buddha Most Pious and Honorable says:

    oh lee, your making me feel very o l d…
    i was using cassettes well through high school, recording songs from the radio…
    and is it just me or did something horrible happen to that already-somewhat-deformed-baby’s lower body parts?

    this is one for

  2. Um, yeah… the poor kid’s mom! But the cassette tape things are SO cool! People come up with the most creative ideas… and they LOOK GOOD! Hm… *wondering why I can’t seem to be that creative*

  3. […] ago I posted some other really cool art made out of the actual insides of a cassette tape (I don’t know what those are/were called. […]

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