The er… apple of my eye?

It always happens tat when you are meant to be doing some work, something more exciting comes along. In this case, my Media exam tomorrow which no-one knows how or what to study for it, so you can understand the frustration and attempts to give up trying to study. There are only so many boring readings you can do, and not having a clue what to expect because the papers and the course changes every year doesn’t help either.

Enter: the internet. My personal pleasure. And after some link-clicking I find another set of glorious photoshop tutorials waiting for me to try them. And so I did. The tutorial is directly followed as I didnt have the patience to search for or take my own photo of a fruit. And this was quite a nice one.

So taking a photo of my boyfriend, his face how now been implanted onto a pear. “The pear of my eye” doesn’t quite have the same ring as “apple”, eh?

Follow the tutorial here at PhotoshopStar, and put your face into a fruit. Or vegetable. Or something of the sort. Enjoy πŸ™‚

my linking still isn’t working for some reason, so here it is too:

Me, a Na’vi?

So, now that I have a new laptop I am finally able to do what I have been craving to do for months (and possibly more than that) and that is Photoshop to my hearts content πŸ™‚ Screw exams, its time to learn more skills and experiment with all the tutorials available online. So here is my first (of hopefully many) to share with you πŸ™‚ They’ll be catagorised under “Photoshop Experiments” on the right so keep an eye out for them there.

So here it is, my first experimentation with a Photoshop tut in a long time! How do I look as a Na’vi? πŸ˜‰ I actually fell asleep in Avatar (shhh, I have a disease…) but couldnt resist this tut, it just seemed like a challenge. And it was. It took ALL day! (plus many facebook breaks and almost giving up). Its not the best mainpulation of someone into a Na’vi that I’ve seen, but maybe someday if I find lots of time and no more cool tuts (and a better pic) i’ll try this one again. I’ll be honest, I did get lazy and didnt do the cool hair and braids, but it was too much of a mission. Either way, enjoy!

here’s the original. I think I came a long way πŸ˜› With my favourite “bear” at Build-a-Bear πŸ™‚

Hope you think my transformation was a success! If you want to try your hands out at making yourself into on a Na’vi (be my guest!) you’ll sadly have to wait for my linking to work properly, having probs atm. But here it is anyway:

The Last Song

This was meant to be the movie that Miley Cyrus proved she could act the part in a real movie outside the role of Hannah Montanna and the realms of Disney. Personally, I didnt even know she was in the movie until about yesterday and I’d seen the poster around for a while. I’d expected a “The Notebook” type of movie (I later found out this was written by the same guy) and I must be honest it wasn’t a complete let down. That doesnt mean that Miley was fantastic.

Sometimes (well, often) when a child actor comes out and plays in a series on TV or the big screen, more often than not they’re going to be typecast in that role forever. Macaulay Culkin will always be thought of that kid from Home Alone. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter. And Miley Cyrus is still Hannah Montanna. Not even that, as a singer, she is still Miley Cyrus, so its kind of difficult to take on another role. It was difficult in scenes to even take her seriously, or to feel that you’re watching a movie thats not Disney or Hannah Montanna related. In the odd scene when the boyfriend would run after her, I expected him to call out “Miley!” as opposed to Ronnie. movieBut thats not her fault, she’s just been type-cast and I suppose it sucks to be her then. In all honesty, best performance was by far the little boy playing her brother. What a sweetheart. He really portrayed love on the screen.

As I said I expected a bit of “The Notebook” yet even though there was some romance (and the guy is her actual boyfriend in real life. you can see he’s cute in the movie in the scenes when he’s clean) the story is more about the developping relationshing between Ronnie [Veronica] and her father. It was a really nice movie though. A lot of emotion in there, which as a person who doesn’t cry in movies, I didnt release. But my friend next to me cried enough into her scarf to make up for our party of 5. I wouldn’t call it a must see, but you wouldn’t lose anything if you saw it. Actually, its a rather pleasant movie to sit through.

ABC of Awesomeness

I dont even remember a time when I had to learn the ABC. Sure, I remember reciting it, but I can’t remember sitting in nursery school with a teacher teaching it to me. It’s one of those things that seem have always been a part of your life. Now, as I peruse the internet pretty often (thanks to unlimited cap) I come across pretty cool and random things which I like to share with the general public i.e you.

So here are some awesome artworks based on the letters of the alphabet by Neill Cameron.Β  I went through them all just now and theyre really worth a laugh, check out a couple here, or check them all out where I first found them πŸ™‚ I’m only posting 2, so you MUST go check out the rest – such a laugh!

Please don’t stop the music.

We all love our iPods. What would we do without them? Remember back in or the day (6 0r 7 + years ago), back then we had CD players, and bought/burnt CDs to play. What about the disk man? Those were so convenient, and super awesome when they came out reading data CDs filled with hundreds of mp3s. But what about before then? Who of us actually remember the day of the cassette tape? When I found the article to come, I had to literally think back a moment to a time when we didn’t have iPods and when these little rectangular contraption were the norm.

So in our eco friendly day and age, what does one do with things they do not need anymore? Recycle! I came across this art work made out of cassette tapes, or more so the reel of actual tape! Remember back when those would get tangled and then bye-bye to your favourite kiddies cassette 😦 aww. tragic. But seriously the things that creative people can come up with, just taking the junk from around their house is simply astounding! If only we were all blessed with such skill, passion and of course creativity. The artists responsible for this awesomeness is Erika Simmons who works with non traditional media to create her works – well, clearly. What an awesome medium to work with, must be super difficult!

Source: The Design Inspiration – check out the rest!

Oh, and on an unrelated note, I just found one of the creepiest adverts and simply had to share! I think I may have developed a fear of clowns. And McDonalds.