Project 365

The last couple of days I’ve found myself on websites focusing on Photoshop and various aspects of graphic design. Often these sites offer free brushes or tutorials for photoshop and sometimes just lists of other cool things.

So in my fumbling among many different websites and clicking on their friends and links I’ve come across a project many designers have embarked on, namely Project 365. The name kind of gives it away; for 365 days a designer will post something new onto their blog or website. It might just be photos of things they have documented from their daily life, it may be interesting self portraits or feature a specific “character” every time or it could be an actual graphic that they design each day.

I can imagine it being quite a challenge to come up with something new and original every day for a year. You’ve gotta have some crazy creative juices flowing through your system, and a lot of dedication and determination to carry out such a project! I wish I could do something like this, alas, I dont think I have that amount of creativity or spare time – though I’d love to make it, nothing like pure procrastination 😉 Granted also, my lack of functioning computer at the moment puts me at a disadvantage.

Either way, here are some of the ones I’ve come across that I think are worthy of sharing.

Arielle has created the cutest little cardboard character, Danbo which is the feature of her 365 project. Each image features the little guy and his friend and you simply can’t just love looking at all the things that she does with this little guy! So far in the projects I’ve seen hers comes out tops (well clearly, considering I’m sharing it!). She based her project on the manga “Yotsuba&!” by Kiyohiko Azuma and started te project in March 2009 so she’s just finished it! Feast your eyes on 365 images of cuteness 🙂

If you think Danbo is a cutie here is another project featuring him and other little toys in a Project 365 called Toy Story

On a similar line is a Project based on little storm troopers – check them out here!

Another one of these projects I found particularly entertaining is that of Justin Poliachik. This guy is crazy and the focus of his project is none other than – himself! But his portraits are all so creative and quirky, some just have me smiling 🙂 His project only started last July, so the pictures are still coming! I strongly reccomend checking his out, the things he does with photoshop to make his pictures awesome just rocks!

If you keep clicking on different sets pools or links on Flickr you can find absolute fortunes of these projects!  A definite way to improve skills and to try keep the inspiration coming.

Last project I came across which appealed to me isnt made of photos, this one is of logos! People dont always realise how difficult it is to make a good, creative logo. It doesnt look like they are for actual products, btu just designs in the style of logos! Really cute 🙂

This is where I got the original list from, check it out to view the rest! And take a look around for inspiration, photoshop tutorials and other freebies!


5 comments on “Project 365

  1. Hey neat post! I am really loving that cute cardboard guy! Too creative! I’ll say, Wall-E’s got some pretty heavy competition in the cute department…

    Oh and that project 365. I was trying to do that without even realizing there was a “project 365” going on. Haha, but that lasted about 12 days perhaps?

    • Lee Lipman says:

      The cardboard guy is a cutie 😉
      This whole project 365 thing is such an awesome idea, I love it & would love to try it myself. You should get back into it if uni work allows! There are tons of people hosting these type of projects on flickr.
      Maybe I’ll start sometime when I get a new laptop, or when I finish my degree – whichever comes first. lol.

  2. Yeah, sounds awesome… the same would go for me, though. I’d have to wait until this semester ends. I am SWAMPED! haha that’s why all my Wednesday posts end up being posted on Thursday and sometimes Friday!

  3. […] in April 2010 (guys that even before the World Cup. Say what?) was when I first stumbled upon the concept of 365 projects, and wished I was cool or creative enough to start my own. Here are some examples of projects that […]

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