Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackberries.

I dont know where the hype sprung up from, because I remember Blackberries coming out years ago but they were just too expensive. Out of the blue they have become so affordable that almost every second person that you come across has one. I’ve heard people saying that things things just change your life…

And these are the people that you see, fingers moving at 100kmps BBMing (BBM = Black Berry Messenger, and its even used as a verb!) the person next to them in a lecture, or walking across campus asking where their friends are. For sure it is useful when it comes to chatting to friends overseas at any time you like…was all the instant chat apps available not enough? Facebook chat, MSN, Mxit, Fring, Mig33 and many other programs which bring instant chat to your cellphone.

Its like the Blackberry has become the Superman of cellphones. Its kind of like something in the middle of an iPhone, a cellphone and a Palmtop. Constant internet access is cool, constantly being able to chat to your friends is cool… but how healthy is it really? If I had to be notified everytime I got an email or a facebook msg just like I get sms’ I feel like I would be living more on my phone (in this case blackberry) than in real life. Not that Facebook doesnt have the options to receive notifications via sms. Personally, its bad enough that I spend so much time on facebook via my phone and my laptop.

Its quite irritating seeing people walking looking down at their fingers squirming over the small device. I have seen people on facebook count down the days until they join “The Blackberry community”. Its irritating having so many friends on facebook that when you sign into chat only 3 of the 30 people online you are willing to speak to. I feel its the same with a Blackberry people will just add people that they know even if they dont really speak. Its just another method of keeping friendships virtual, gone are the days of calling someone or even smsing or facebooking – now we all BBM.

A friend of mine is desperate for a Blackberry and has a theory that everyone that has a Blackberry will very shortly forget about all those that don’t. Personally I dont even think they look nice, I’m quite happy with my phone in that regard. Sometimes I dont mind being “old school”, I still prefer emails to facebook msgs so I’m kinda happy having a normal callphone than joining the “blackberry community”. Besides, I don’t upgrade til January, so until then I dont have to worry about the pressure induced by society 😛


4 comments on “Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackberries.

  1. Mike Kushner says:

    Good one, enjoyed it 🙂

    I like the relaxed writing style and topical content!

  2. ostensible aubergine of arduous autumn says:

    why did i not know you have a blog?
    what does this say about our “virtual friendship”?
    would things be any different if one of us owned a blackberry?
    why are high-tech Gizmos constantly hovering ever-so-slightly above these reflective surfaces with strange bright almost blinding light flooding the background?

    these are without a doubt, the great mysteries of our time…

  3. i hate how it looks like a flattened lapotop. and its key pad is set up like a keyboard. its ridiculous, its not like you can stit down at a blackberry and type away! my biggest problem with new phones comming out, apart from touch screen which i find abseloutly unpractical, is the internet acess and facebook and other online social forums. if im going to surf the internet, i need to be able to see what is on the screen, plus i need the space to download pictures i like. is it necessarly to have internet social networks available on cell phones which have their own social networks? overkill.

    • Lee Lipman says:

      On top of it all I just really think Blackberries are ugly. I dont like qwerty keyboards on phones, and apparently some of these dont even hae predictive text – mission. I cant see a person surfing the internet on a blackberry. OK, so theres the convenience of the email if you’re like a businessman or something, and it would make sense but otherwise…eh. not so necessary.

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