God’s Favourite Toy

I dont know how many of you had a childhood like mine, spending hours building things out of lego, making them perfect and not even wanting to take them down. I even remember my dad getting me this pink little island styled set which was awesome and came with pink umbrellas and this swivelling chair thing…

Anyway – a friend of mine posted this link on facebook and I thought it was funny enough to share with everyone else πŸ™‚

Imagine if God had a childhood (if He had a childhood that is) like many of us, which included the world of lego. This site, The Brick Testament shows much of the Bible/Torah depicted out of lego!!

I dont mean to offend people by this, as I’m sure there are some religio people out there who would take much offense to this as a mockery or get in an outrage because the verses are not exact, blah blah blah. Eh. As a fellow ‘religio’ myself, I find it funny. So have a laugh. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a chance to check out all of it yet (unlimited cap has not yet set in in my household) but what I’ve seen has caused a bit of a chuckle. I think its a bit much to check out AAAALLLLLLL of it, it is a bit much (and besides, we all have university/school/real work to do, right?). There really is an absolute fortune, and if I had the patience for each picture to load as opposed to viewing a gallery beforehand, I would probably have checked out a lot more. Its very extensive in terms of content. Maybe find a favourite story, ok, I acknowledge not everyone has a favourite Bible story, but at least one you’re familiar with! Maybe start with Adam and Eve, everyone know about them πŸ™‚

Adam & Eve

In all honesty I think what this guy has done is great. Weather you agree with his replication of the Bible or not is another story, but just think of the time and effort taken for each shot. Aside for the technicalities of the camera, and how actually creative each shot is – think about the menial labouriousness of place each and every piece just right? Mission. Though such dedication. I honestly really admire people who can set personal projects or goals up for themselves and achieve them, especially while having fun!

Lego is such an underrated toy. I dont know how many kids even play with it anymore with things like Nintendos, Playstations and Wii etc. All the digital things trumping all the “old school” toys which encourage imagination. No one even watches Barney these days I dont think, who was king supreme of using your Imagination! Or at least thats what I remember! I dont even think we own any lego fpr my little brother to play with, though lucky for us we’re limited on the wii, playstation etc and the kid would rather hang around playing guitar (he’s 9).

Some of the things that are done with lego are so simply awesome. Yeah so these things probably took forever to do, but hey, hard work and dedication is a trait hard to come by.

So if you’re a bit nostalgic now go find that old box of lego and build something. Or better yet, check out The Brick Testament, it doesnt involve the tidying up that lego always did πŸ˜‰

Inspired by Disney

So I love looking at a good advertisement. I love good ideas. I love colour. I love good design. I also love Disney πŸ™‚ Even if I cant remember all the movies, there is just this appreciation for all the concepts and characters. So what could get better than a whole bunch of adverts using the concept of Disney?? Check out these πŸ™‚

These two are absolutely AWESOME! If anyones wondering, its for a shoe brand called Melissa. Sometimes the image of the classic Disney Princess with all her good intentions and morals can be a bit boring. You’ve gotta love a girl who takes action, and a sassy sexy princess like the ones shown here. There are more of the campaign at the link at the bottom! This is definitely a happier depiction of Rapunzel in comparison to the one in my last post.

This is just such a sad depiction of the glory of a Princess. And the caption at the bottom says it all. Love, love, love.

This one is also cute, and referrs to the dropping standards of childrens literacy and their lack of the desire to read. There are more in the campaign, but I like this depiction of a gangster style Red Riding Hood.

These are just a few of some great adverts, check out the rest at this link here!

Laduma! Vuvuzela! FIFA 2010.

So for my Digital Media Seminar (the same class that is to blame for the creation of this blog) I had to make a Digital Story on something of interest to tourists when they visit for the games. A digital story is kind of like a video, but it has narration and as it suggests – tells a story. I decided to do it on the Vuvuzela (as you might remember, I posted about it previously being used in Israel and had a laugh to myself) and I think it went quite well πŸ™‚ Have a few issues of sound in the middle, so just keep quiet and listen hard lol. Take note of the song in the background, “Stand as One” used in the background, the video you can watch on youtube here.

So I cant find how to imbed the zoopy videos like I do with youtube ones =[ but please give my video a watch (and comment!) at this link, follow the digitalmediauct user to check out the videos of my classmates πŸ™‚

Project 365

The last couple of days I’ve found myself on websites focusing on Photoshop and various aspects of graphic design. Often these sites offer free brushes or tutorials for photoshop and sometimes just lists of other cool things.

So in my fumbling among many different websites and clicking on their friends and links I’ve come across a project many designers have embarked on, namely Project 365. The name kind of gives it away; for 365 days a designer will post something new onto their blog or website. It might just be photos of things they have documented from their daily life, it may be interesting self portraits or feature a specific “character” every time or it could be an actual graphic that they design each day.

I can imagine it being quite a challenge to come up with something new and original every day for a year. You’ve gotta have some crazy creative juices flowing through your system, and a lot of dedication and determination to carry out such a project! I wish I could do something like this, alas, I dont think I have that amount of creativity or spare time – though I’d love to make it, nothing like pure procrastination πŸ˜‰ Granted also, my lack of functioning computer at the moment puts me at a disadvantage.

Either way, here are some of the ones I’ve come across that I think are worthy of sharing.

Arielle has created the cutest little cardboard character, Danbo which is the feature of her 365 project. Each image features the little guy and his friend and you simply can’t just love looking at all the things that she does with this little guy! So far in the projects I’ve seen hers comes out tops (well clearly, considering I’m sharing it!). She based her project on the manga “Yotsuba&!” by Kiyohiko Azuma and started te project in March 2009 so she’s just finished it! Feast your eyes on 365 images of cuteness πŸ™‚

If you think Danbo is a cutie here is another project featuring him and other little toys in a Project 365 called Toy Story

On a similar line is a Project based on little storm troopers – check them out here!

Another one of these projects I found particularly entertaining is that of Justin Poliachik. This guy is crazy and the focus of his project is none other than – himself! But his portraits are all so creative and quirky, some just have me smiling πŸ™‚ His project only started last July, so the pictures are still coming! I strongly reccomend checking his out, the things he does with photoshop to make his pictures awesome just rocks!

If you keep clicking on different sets pools or links on Flickr you can find absolute fortunes of these projects!Β  A definite way to improve skills and to try keep the inspiration coming.

Last project I came across which appealed to me isnt made of photos, this one is of logos! People dont always realise how difficult it is to make a good, creative logo. It doesnt look like they are for actual products, btu just designs in the style of logos! Really cute πŸ™‚

This is where I got the original list from, check it out to view the rest! And take a look around for inspiration, photoshop tutorials and other freebies!

A Disney Princess

Disney Princesses always have a happy ending. After being chased by an evil step-mother, locked in a tower or something of the sort her Prince will always come and love will prevail. We know that reality and our lives are not fairy tales. Its nice to hope and to dream. But the life that Disney portrays just isn’t how the world runs today.And its sad. Everyone deserves to be treated like a princess and to be swept away by her Prince Charming.

I came across a blog article a while ago featuring some images by photographer Dina Goldstein and I came across it again the other day and decided to share them with you.

In this Disney fairytale, Belle doesn’t care about outer beauty when she falls in love with the beast. All that matters is what is on the outside. In theory its such a wonderful thing, to fall in love with someone for who they are, not for how they look or what they represent. But in the world today, does that always happen? What are the influences of girls these days? Who are their role models? Now very often things are about looks. “The jock gets the cheerleader” as we often see in American movies. Here, Belle is clearly no longer concerned with true beauty of herself let alone the poor Beast. If this is what she feels she has to do to make herself beautiful, all these procedures, imagine how she would feel about the beast – if he hadn’t turned into a Prince I suppose!

The whole narrative of a Disney story, or of the average fairytale the Princess spends the whole movie waiting/looking for her Prince Charming. They never really know anything about them or who they are before, they just know that they are their Prince. And they get married. We never see what happens after. Obviously, because it isn’t always so “happily ever after” forever. The Disney dream isn’t all its cracked up to be. Once the happiness and marriagey love bliss is over – then comes kids, and work, and maritial duties, house work… Check Prince Charming here being very far from charming!

“One big problem Goldstein has with Disney films is that there’s always a happy ending, which sets up unrealistic expectations for kids. Sometimes life just doesn’t afford us such luxuries.”

Here are some of the other pics I really like. They’re actually really sad.

Check out the original link here where there are more of Goldsteins photos from the collection. Let me know what you think.

Mind Trickery

Stare at the little plus (+) sign in the middle of this image for about 30 seconds. Then look at like a blank wall. I’m sure you can tell what will happen, but when you do its actually pretty cool. I had the aftereffects lasting for about 5 min after, and not just on my blank wall but also on my laptop screen! I know right? Enjoy πŸ™‚

Try this as well, its really cool:

Lift your right foot a few inches from the floor and then begin to move it in a clockwise direction. While you’re doing this, use a finger your right index finger to draw a number 6 in the air. Your foot will turn in an anticlockwise direction and there’s nothing you can do about it!

The left side of your brain, which controls the right side of your body, is responsible for rhythm and timing. The left side of your brain cannot deal with operating two opposite movements at the same time and so it combines them into a single motion.