Quack, Quack.

We all love to laugh at other people. Especially when they make stupid fools of themselves. Take a look at my blog post featuring Stuff White People Like. So I just saw someone link to this on their facebook status and couldnt help but take a look myself. It was a link to which I think seems like a blog of sorts making fun of a specific type of person. Anti Duck Face is sure to make you laugh. It kinda makes you want to go through every photo on your harddrive and check for duck faces, and instantly remove them. I’m pretty sure I have more than a few – but never as bad looking (or anywhere near as orange) as these girls. Actually, I never quite “duck face”, just a slight pout perhaps. Either way, this site makes anything but smiling in a picture look shameful. Guess I’m gonna hafta come up with a new pose for the future, shouldn’t be hard 😛


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