A Jewish Vuvuzela

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time surfing the internet for my next Media Seminar assignment which I’ve been thinking of doing on the Vuvuzela. I think the funniest was a link I found to a site which talks about Vuvuzelas being used in Israel. I Just find it funny because its so unusual to be reading something in Hebrew about something so close to home. I might edit this post tomorrow when its not so late and give you some translations. 80% of people reading this won’t understand (due to your inability to speak the Holy Tongue) but for those of you who do (and there should be a fair number considering my posts are updated to facebook) check it out even if it is just for shits and giggles 🙂


One comment on “A Jewish Vuvuzela

  1. shayne says:

    שופר האצטדיונים
    love it!

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