Some Design Genius

When given this blog as an assignment for class, my original topic was going to be to blog about design, graphic design and all that type of stuff that I’m interested. I have since decided to blog about anything on my mind or things that interest me as I come across them.

It happens to be that I came across a page on the internet which had all these logos with hidden meanings. Not that they were all like secret agent, subliminal messaging type of things – but logos that make you think twice when you look at them. The Graphic Design Blog is kind of the type of thing I was aiming to blog about, but I am more than happy to just link to them and share the design genius that they share.

When I took Graphic Design as a subject for school our teacher used to always try get us to work within the “negative space”, for the viewer to look beyond the surface of your image/design/logo. Thats what these particularly appeal to me, because I see and appreciate what they have done. I particularly like the Big Ten logo, not because I think the logo is good – but just how they used the negative space to put in the number 11. And the Eight Logo was also just like “WOW!” as they used variants of the actual number to create the word. The Piano Forest logo I like because they link two very unrelated things so successfully in one image! The final one I really like is for Horror Films because it’s just so cute and quirky 🙂

These are a couple of the ones that I like, now go check out the rest of them!

My Grade 11 Practical

Another link I came across on the Graphic Design Blog is a page of Typographic Print ads. These adverts rely on a clever use of typography to convey their message or product. In grade 11 I had a project where I had to design a black and white newspaper advert against drunk driving – and when you have something specific to convey you need to think of the position of the letters, the font that you use, other ways of writing what you want – all of these are integral and make for good design. Theres a copy of the advert right here –>, the small print reads [Nothing Really. As long as you’re not the one driving home.]

I just love how the designers were able to tell so much about their product or cause without actually having to give a description at all. And personally I find them all original – a key trait that I think one needs in the industry. If your advert is not memorable, then it is in a sense useless. Here are some of the few that I really liked – take note of how there is no description, but you can really tell what it is!


You might not be able to see the details of this FedEx one. But it shows the work behind being successful. It implied how all the workers of FedEx work together and work efficiently to become the successful company that they are making your deliveries faster and more efficient.


This advert (I really don’t know what it is for, or what “veja” is) is one of those that make such a great use of negative space.  Reading between the word suicide, you can see


what else they are really trying to say.

Check the rest and be inspired!


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