Stress Relief with a Great Reward!

I was helping my mom make Peppermint Crisp Pudding for dessert for dinner tonight when the banging of ingredients got me thinking. [before I go on, let me stress that I am far from competent in the kitchen, my staple diet consists of Frys Vegetarian food popped in the toaster and I dont have the patience to boil pasta. So that might explain how easy this is to make]. I’d had a good hour is solid irritation last night, and I only wish i had then had the ingredients to make dessert then and there to get my anger out.

So here is what you’ll need:

[these are the amounts I used and it seemed fine, i made 6 individual portions]

  1. 6 wine glasses for individual serving
  2. 1 packet of tennis biscuits
  3. 4 peppermint crisp chocolates [i was running low with 4, so maybe even 5 if you can]
  4. 1 can of caramel treat/caramel condensed milk
  5. 1 thing of cream
  6. I usually find a couple of ziplocs handy

So this is how we [or i at least] start off.

  1. Get the cream whipped up and add the caramel treat to it. You could make separate layers of cream and then treat, but I find the caramel is too solid to spread easily – so my mom and I just combine them. If the cream is too rich for your liking, feel free to combine the caramel with a non-dairy substitute like Orly Whip.
  2. While the cream & caramel mixture is mixing [be sure to periodically taste it – because you can] take the biscuits and chuck them into a ziploc bag. Once inside you can start crunching them into crumbs with your hands, but its so much easier with a big metal spoon like I did. Here is where the stress relief or anger management comes in. Because it can take some time. It was during the monotonous banging and smashing sounds on the kitchen counter that made me decide to blog about this. Who doesn’t love to get rid of stress AND eat great food afterwards??
  3. Once the biscuits are crushed take the peppermint crips and crush those too. I find it easier to crush them while they’re still in the wrappers and then put them into a ziploc (or a bowl or something), its somehow easier still in the wrapper.
  4. Now you have your whipped cream/caramel, a packet of crushed biscuits, crushed chocolate and an empty wine glass waiting to be filled! Yum!
  5. So this is just the order that I put the ingredients in, but it won’t make a difference how you do it. First I put a layer of the cream mixture. On top of that the biscuits, and then a layer of chocolate. Try make the layers thick enough that you can see the difference between them. Continue layering until the glass is full; I usually like to end on a layer of the cream and then sprinkle some of the chocolate over it.

1 empty wine glass

+ caramel cream mixture

+ caramel cream mixture

+ biscuit + peppermint crisp

+ biscuits + peppermint crisp

+ repeat = YUM!

Tada! There you have it!

The Finished Product(s)

It didnt even take long to do. And its quite soothing – from the monotonous banging for about 10 minutes to the quiet layering ingredient after ingredient trying to make it look as pretty as possible. Best part – it tastes AWESOME!

Now go relieve some stress!

Proof that I actually made it 😉


One comment on “Stress Relief with a Great Reward!

  1. Greg says:

    So when we making????

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