You’ve Gotta Love Snobbish White People

Now firstly – dont take this post the wrong way, and dont be mislead by the title of this post…

As a frequent surfer of the internet, and now a “newbie” to the world of blogs and blogging, as mentioned in a previous post, I find myself visiting many blogs accidentally. It quite fun to at one moment be checking out a blog about a girl who loves Jesus, and next minute finding yourself on something completely different – such as Stuff White People Like.

These are "those" type of white people

These are "those" type of white people (and the token black girl)

Yes, that really is how I came across this link. (How a good Jewish girl came across a site about a girl who loves Jesus is another story). But here I am on this site which is actually quite funny. The posts are not regularly updated (maybe once a month or so) yet the posts seem to be related to what is currently going on, such as #131, Conan O’Brian – which obviously has something to do his being replaced by Jay Leno.

If one doesn’t want to check out each and every post in the blogs existence by checking the archive there is a handy page which has the full list of stuff white people like.

And while reading up the list (as its a blog, posts are in reverse order – see, we do learn things in class) one can’t help but chuckle and think how true some of these things are. One thinks of snotty, (Southern Suburbed?), private schooled, humanitarian-loving-the-planet-and-the-next-best-thing types of people. The ones out of Gossip Girl walking the streets of Manhattan with their vitamin water on their way to grab some sushi for lunch.

Some of these really made me laugh (and thats just being on the list without actually having read the post). I find vegan/vegetarianism, organic food, divorce, dinner parties and appearing to enjoy classical music among the funnier ones. The reason why so many of the things on these lists are funny is because they are true for many (but definitely not all) people.

Now I’m off to actually go and read what they have to say!


2 comments on “You’ve Gotta Love Snobbish White People

  1. ok now that sounds like a wonderful blog. I love it when pretentious snobs are made fun of. I going to go look at the blog right now 🙂

  2. […] love to laugh at other people. Especially when they make stupid fools of themselves. Take a look at my blog post featuring Stuff White People Like. So I just saw someone link to this on their facebook status and […]

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