Proudly South African Design

Despite having decided to drop the topic of blogging about Design, having mentioned the Design Indaba in previous posts I thought I may as well follow up with it after going on Friday 🙂

Initially the morning started as a bundle of nerves. Arriving at 10am, seeing insanely long queues and then being told theres no parking and I had to drive to the waterfront – as a new and sometime somewhat-on-edge driver when it comes to new situations – I started stressing. But once past the parking, the shuttle, the long queues — a world of proudly South African Design awaited 🙂

There was so much to see and look at that I was almost under pressure to see everything as I had to leave at 1, but we managed to get through everything. A couple of stores particularly caught my eye. The first was the stall of Pepperplum designs – they sell products made of PVC and polypropylene as a means of storage, lighting and organisation. They had really cool a photo wall hanging made of PVC which allowed you to hang and display photos, as well a child measure like a measuring chart for little kids with slots to fit in ID style photos. These things are just totally my vibe and up my alley. What I also liked was this calendar they had. Also basically PVC pockets on the one side the days of the week, middle numbers for the date and on the other side the months, and you’re provided with a slip of coloured paper to slip inside each to fill in the dates. Kinda hard to explain and their website doesnt have pictures of them 😦 But here are pics of the wall hanging for photos and child measure, pity the pics off their site aren’t too good:

Child Measure - R50

Photo Hanging - R140

Were money overflowing from my pockets I would have bought on of each.

Now my absolute favouritest thing that I saw at the Indaba for no other reason than that they were visually appealing. At the stall by Cupcake Country were the most beautiful looking cupcakes I have ever seen. Why were they so amazing? They were made of felt! Like adorable, edible-looking, plush toys 🙂 They were beautifully displayed on cupcake stands and my eyes shone with the excitement of a little child. The range was beautiful, brightly coloured ones and ones that had fake-felt licourice! Check out their website (where you can buy kits to sew your own!) and buy one, I recommend. Or you can try find a boyfriend who’ll buy you one when you’re not looking and successfully hide it from you 😛

There were also cool photo shoot vibes happening as advertising photography schools, they’d have a treasure chest of dress up stuff and you could dress up with your friends and they’ll take photos of you – for free. And if you like you could buy the pictures. I would totally have done it – were there not hte millions of people just oggling.

There was an entire jewellery section (sadly, I’m not one for jewellery but I had a look anyway), clothing stalls (for clothes I couldnt afford even if I sold my right arm), food, just lots of quirky things and tons of proudly south african stuff like amazing beaded thing and more things made of felt. After last friday I am officially in love with felt.

If you went this weekend, I’m sure you had a phenomenal time. If you didnt, well, you missed out. Sorry.


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