By me…

When you get your license and begin driving on your own the radio becomes one of your best friends. I have never been a person for song lyrics, but I like to sing along to words when I know them. Sometimes you end up singing along to songs that you dont like or are really rubbish but are sadly catchy.

The worst is a song that a friend of mine had been singing all of last week, despite when we both acknowledge what a crappy song it is. Now rap is not my style anyway, neither is 50 Cent but his song ‘Baby by me’ could be one of the worst. The sad thing is the catchy chorus… I beat myself up whenever I hear myself singing along (or murmering/mumbling as rap songs go).

Whats even worse than this awful song? Is that according to Wikipedia “the song became the unofficial theme song of Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, as it was revealed that he had fathered his 20th child”. As if fathering a 20th child out of wedlock isn’t bad enough. The situation then has this song dedicated to it!

Another bit of social comment though about this song is about the lyrics. Now as I said I’ve never been much for lyrics, and I dont know the words past the chorus but for interests sake writing this post I went to go look them up. And almost as usual for many songs these days it discusses scenarios in the bedroom, and not in the most tasteful manner. Back in the day, or back in my day (and I’m only 20!) I dont remember songs on the radio being this explicit. Kinda sad.

I like to think that the mumbles and grumbling that is rap music speaks (hopefully) too fast for younger kids to catch on to. Ew.


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