Change of <3

So this whole “deciding-on-a-topic-to-blog-about” part of this blog has really started to stress me out and give me sleepless nights. [Ok, thats a lie, anyone who knows me knows I have ZERO problems falling asleep – its called borderline narcolepsy :P]. See, as much as I love design, art, photoshop and the like I dont know how often I can post about it.

Also, I find that sticking to one topic all the time just kinda limits the things you can write about. And with the way my mind works (I have one of the lowest concentration spans for someone not officially diagnosed with ADHD) theres always something going through my head.

So to try link all of what I have to say up – today while driving home from varsity I heard the quote that I have added to the header of my blog.

“Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most”

Now with my ADHD attention span and my inability to decide on a topic, this quote made me feel that its ok to not be able to decide! And that worse things can happen than writing about any of the things I encounter. I might write about movies, topics/discussions started in class or even just cool things I found on the internet to share with you all!

So bare with me til I get my next post up 🙂


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