Childlike wisdom

So while I get accustomed to the world of blogging as I peruse this site, I came across a blog that I found cute, sweet, somewhat-inspiring, and definetelly worth sharing!

In this blog, the author has taken quotes from various books (many childrens books, but also from classics or other known books) and related them to something occuring in her life or a thought she has had. Or maybe she just found them inspiring and posted them up.

Its actually really sweet. And by looking through the different categories I came across books I was actually familiar with [Its also giving me insight into the concept of the categories on wordpress]. It doesnt matter on the date of the post, because the quotes can be relevant whenever you read them. Thats something thats so special about quotes, they’re timeless. In fact, this is such a great idea to blog about. If only I’d thought about it. Well, may it inspire me only to blog and post more.

Valentines Day

I was meant to write this up yesterday, but as time flew by the night got dark and sleep gradually took over. In class yesterday I was thinking about the latest movie I saw – Valentines Day. I know Valentines Day itself has come and gone (by almost 3 weeks – I’m clearer not the biggest supporter of the corny Hallmark holiday) but I only saw the movie earlier this week.

I remember seeing the trailer for the first time and being so excited and immediately putting it on my list of movies-i-need-to-see-as-soon-as-they-are-released, knowing full well that it was going to be just like Love Actually in USA [vs. UK] and on Valentines Day [instead of Christmas]. But because Love Actually was so incredible – things were looking up that Valentines Day might meet the bar, especially with their outstanding line-up of cast members! See, I love watching trailers, they’re possibly one of the best parts of the movie experience but I just hate it when the trailer is better than the movie itself. Or when most of the funny parts are in the trailer. I found this movie a guilty culprit.

The movie itself was cute, but personally found it a bit of a let down. Yes, the cast were fantastic – but not necessarily due to their acting in this specific film. The reason we were all rushing to see this (aside for the fact it was a cushy-love movie being released the weekend of Valentines Day) is because we were fans of each castmemebers work. But this was nothing special.

The storyline was nothing new in the scope of the romantic comedy (in all honesty, I’m not sure why I expected things to be different). [SPOILER] We could see that Jennifer Garners character would fall for Ashton Kutcher; you see, I dont even remember any of the characters names, they’re just preceded by the actors

Another thing I found in the movie is that they just kinda stuffed famous people inside it without really thinking. Like the more famous actors, the better the movie…errrrm – not so, eh. There were so many characters that each of their stories were kinda kept short. From what I remember, Love Actually didnt have as many characters which kept their stories more detailed. And that most of them were couples made it easier to keep track of.

So in all, I think the movie was cute. It wasn’t painful to sit through. But no need to go see it again. Best part was deff the fact that there was a large box of smarties in our box of popcorn, as opposed to the usual smaller box. This resulted in us grabbing more handfuls of smarties than popcorn – yum. Now THAT, I recommend ๐Ÿ˜‰

Change of <3

So this whole “deciding-on-a-topic-to-blog-about” part of this blog has really started to stress me out and give me sleepless nights. [Ok, thats a lie, anyone who knows me knows I have ZERO problems falling asleep – its called borderline narcolepsy :P]. See, as much as I love design, art, photoshop and the like I dont know how often I can post about it.

Also, I find that sticking to one topic all the time just kinda limits the things you can write about. And with the way my mind works (I have one of the lowest concentration spans for someone not officially diagnosed with ADHD) theres always something going through my head.

So to try link all of what I have to say up – today while driving home from varsity I heard the quote that I have added to the header of my blog.

“Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most”

Now with my ADHD attention span and my inability to decide on a topic, this quote made me feel that its ok to not be able to decide! And that worse things can happen than writing about any of the things I encounter. I might write about movies, topics/discussions started in class or even just cool things I found on the internet to share with you all!

So bare with me til I get my next post up ๐Ÿ™‚

Design Indabaย 2010

Feb 26 – 28!!

I’m reeeeaaally excited for this. All through high school our Design teacher would tell us we should go, and I never got a chance until last year (when I realised it would have helped loads with those high school practicals!)

If you’re into graphic design, furniture design, architecture, photography, animation…anything of the sort I’m sure you’ll find something of interest!

Below is an example of some interesting typography that I found on the website, can you read what it says?


Let us start this blog with our (or rather, my) first post.

As a what-was-once high-school-graphic-design student, a current freelance designer within my community, a photoshop fan and an enthusiast of unique and innovative design,ย  I thought why not focus this blog on just that. “That” being – all of the above. And more. Anything related to art, design or anything cultural or creative. If it is encountered in my life – it will be posted.

Also if I like I might post some of the recent things I’ve had to design or other random stuff I may have come up with on photoshop, or pictures I’ve taken, or…yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ Worst comes to worst I may just post up some random links of awesome stuff for you to check out. Who doesn’t love aimlessly browsing the web ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy reading.